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AutoMed Accessory Set AM-320/AM-330
Automed 3300  
  AM-320 100ml Medicine Bag  
  AM-330 Tubing Set  
AutoMed Accessory Set AM-340/AM-36
AutoMed 3400  
  AM-340 Tubing Set(Spike type)  
  AM-360 Tubing Set(Luer Lock type)  
  AM-370 100ml Medicine Bag  
  AM-380 250ml Medicine Bag  

The AutoMed Pain Control System is a valuable solution to managing pain.
The AutoMed Pump electronically delivers a constant, controlled infusion of local anesthetic directly into the operative site for a
00relatively pain-free recovery.
Additionally, the patient has a PCA(Patient Controlled Analgesia) option that gives them the ability to address any breakthrough
00pain at the push of a button for added comfort.

Following alarm situations, pump make an audible alarm, and displayed on the LCD. Low Battery, Occlusion, End of Infusion,
00System Malfunction
Setting password, it is safe from the use by anyone who is not related to.
To prevent the tube from folding over, medical grade non-kinking PVC tube is utilized, which adds safety to users.
With the installation of air eliminating filter, the air is automatically eliminated the reservoir in precise plastic case protect them
00against external pressure and shock.
With the functions of excellent electronic technology, the flow rate doesn't change (average error: 5%) and the error which
00infuses volume of medicine by the changing temperature is not occurred.