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Model AutoMed 3400
Flow Rate(ml/hr) 0.1 - 50 ml/hr
Bolus(ml) 0.1 - 50 ml
Lockout Time(min) 1 - 60 ml
Volume(ml) Can be connected various medicinal bag
Description Reusable Type / PCA Function / LED Display
Alarm Functions Low Battery / Occlusion / End of Infusion / Malfunction
  It can be connected to various medicinal bag and syringe, so users can infuse large amount of medicine exactly.

Ēš Users can always check the Flow rate, Bolus dose, Lock-out Time on LCD.
Ēš Fixed password gives users more safety in using this machine.
Ēš You can use this pump with another sort of liquid medicaine bag, so it doesn't need any special medicine bag for it.
Ēš You can see the regulating state of the pump displayed on LCD.