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Heated Circuit    

¢ºFits on the gas machine like a general circuit.
¢ºAutomatically it sets and keeps the desirable temperature and humidity.
¢ºWithin 3~4 minutes, it infuses warm and humid gas into a patient.
¢ºFor temperature probe installed in tube, extra probe connection is not demanded.

¢ºAll things for warming and humidification are included in the set.
¢ºWith one connecting, every connecting is terminated.
¢ºAutomatically it regulates the temperature and humidity.

¢ºThe overheating temperature automatically makes the alarm operation.
¢ºNo exposed heating eliminate the risk of accidental burns.

¢ºInspiratory flow resistance£¼10cm H2O @100LPM
¢ºDelivery temperature exceeds 40¡É : alarm
¢ºTemperature probe is disconnected : alarm